[VIDEO] Q+A in Lithuanian (with English Subtitles)

I'm in my homeland, Lithuania! I’ve been staying with my grandma for 5 days, visiting lots of family members, eating amazing food, and resting. It’s been absolutely wonderful.

Despite how wonderful all of this relaxation has been, it was time to get back to Youtube and do something productive, so I decided to challenge myself and make a video in Lithuanian. I only used Google Translate like twice so I'd call this a success!

My brother makes an appearance in this video so there's that :) I hope you enjoy!

[VIDEO] A Productive Week in My Life After High School


I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday :)

I made a second version of my productive week in the life video, since my routine is quite different now that I’ve graduated high school! Follow me along on a week of blogging, YouTube-ing, language learn-ing, and hang-ing out with friends.

This summer has definitely been good to me... I've been quite busy and at times overwhelmed but overall I've been deeply happy and I genuinely love the projects that I'm working on.

I guess the title is kind of clickbait because I realized I don't actually have the stamina to record my life for a full week, so this is actually ~a productive 5 DAYS IN MY LIFE after high school~. Hope you don't mind, haha!

Thank you so much for watching,
Beatrice x