[VIDEO] I Decluttered My Entire Room and Got Rid of Half My Stuff

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I decluttered my room for the first time in almost exactly two years because Marie Kondo is basically my life inspiration and I want a clean room before I graduate high school (tomorrow!).

I didn't follow the exact Konmari method because I was only cleaning my room and the clutter situation wasn’t that drastic. Instead, I used my quick and dirty decluttering method, which is:

1. gather EVERYTHING in one place
2. sort through what to keep, donate, or throw away
3. put EVERYTHING back. Easy peasy done.

Actually, it wasn't easy peasy because it took 7 hours, but it was very satisfying and I hope you enjoy watching this little story of how I got my room (and therefore also my life) in order!

[VIDEO] How to STOP Procrastinating | Productivity Tips

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So I may have procrastinated on making the video about procrastination... oof.

You see, literally no one is immune to procrastination, so I figured it was about time to make a video on some planning techniques, mindset shifts, and distraction management ideas that will help you to combat this universal problem.

I also shared some food for thought at the end because I think it’s important to remember that procrastination is more than just a nuisance that leads tol all-nighters working on school projects. Another name for it, in the words of Steven Pressfield, is "resistance", or "the universal force that acts against human creativity".

Procrastination, resistance, whatever you want to call it - it keeps us from working towards our dreams or leading fulfilling existences. Life's short. Too short to procrastinate ☺

Much love,