[VIDEO] My 14 Daily Habits for 2019

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I had some technological issues on Friday and then prom on Saturday, so I’m finally getting around to posting this video on my blog, thank you for being patient :)

This week’s video is on HABITS! I firmly believe that developing simply, consistent habits is the key to a productive and healthy lifestyle. In this video I'm sharing the 14 habits that are important enough to me that I commit to doing them every single day ☺️ Let me know what your daily habits are, and what new habits you would like to incorporate! Personally I'm really struggling with the "no snoozing" habit (the 2nd one in the video), so that's what I would choose 😅

- ✨ t a b l e o f c o n t e n t s ✨ -

0:35 - Morning routine
1:14 - No snoozing
1:36 - Oil pulling
2:07 - Lemon water
2:22 - Cold showers
2:42 - Vitamins
2:58 - Bedtime routine
3:16 - Learning Korean
3:30 - Studying Spanish
4:01 - Meditation
4:35 - 15 minutes of reading
5:11 - One second a day video clip
5:49 - Daily blog tasks
6:37 - Inbox zero

[VIDEO] Habit Stacking | How to Incorporate ANY Habit Into Your Routine

Happy Friday!

Today’s video is on a productivity technique that allows you to make almost anything a habit by implementing new habits on top of existing ones. It’s called habit stacking, and there are practically infinite ways to apply it to your life! In this video. I’ll teach you the step-by-step method for applying habit stacking to any habit you want to learn, and give you tips for using it most effectively.

Hope you enjoy!
Beatrice x