[VIDEO] I Decluttered My Entire Room and Got Rid of Half My Stuff

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I decluttered my room for the first time in almost exactly two years because Marie Kondo is basically my life inspiration and I want a clean room before I graduate high school (tomorrow!).

I didn't follow the exact Konmari method because I was only cleaning my room and the clutter situation wasn’t that drastic. Instead, I used my quick and dirty decluttering method, which is:

1. gather EVERYTHING in one place
2. sort through what to keep, donate, or throw away
3. put EVERYTHING back. Easy peasy done.

Actually, it wasn't easy peasy because it took 7 hours, but it was very satisfying and I hope you enjoy watching this little story of how I got my room (and therefore also my life) in order!

[VIDEO] 14 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

Hello and happy Friday!

If you’ve been following The Bliss Bean for a while now, you’ll know that self-care is one of my favorite topics to create content about.

I always want to clarify that self-care isn't just bath bombs and face masks (although it can be!). Self-care really encompasses all of the things we do for ourselves to ensure that we are the happiest and healthiest that we can be. Sometimes those are fun and relaxing, but sometimes they're hard work and require self-discipline.

In this video I've tried to include a mix of different kinds of self-care. Make sure you incorporate a balance into your own life!

I really hope you enjoy watching this video, and let me know what self-care ideas I missed from the list!

Beatrice x

- ✨ t a b l e o f c o n t e n t s ✨ -

1:26 - meditate
2:21 - exercise
3:16 - journal
3:41 - wash the dishes + sort laundry
4:06 - change the sheets
4:33 - go on a walk
4:54 - do a face mask
5:16 - use the sauna
5:49 - do some planning
6:18 - use a standing desk
7:01 - listen to music
7:27 - drink water
8:15 - stop multitasking
8:57 - change your environment

- ✨ r e s o u r c e s ✨ -

Insight Timer (the app I use to meditate)

Fitness Blender (one of my favorite workout channels)

My guide to journaling video

TeuxDeux (what I use for planning)

My video on how I use TeuxDeux

Spotify Mood Booster playlist