[VIDEO] Thrift Haul Try On + 5 Tips for Mindful Shopping

Happy Friday! To celebrate this best day of the week, I'm sharing my very first thrift haul with you all as well as some tips for mindful shopping. How to STOP buying impulsively and really think about how you spend your money. 

Buying secondhand clothing is one of the best ways to shop mindfully, sustainably, AND affordably. Seriously, it's a win-win-win. Plus, after my first time trying thrifting, I'm convinced it's the most fun way to shop. Yes, it's a challenge, but there's something exciting about digging through stuff and looking for treasures like these $5 Adidas pants that I got.

Also, now that my first thrift haul is up, I feel like a real deal YouTuber, hehe. These things are SUPER fun to edit so expect more in the future. Hope you enjoy watching! :)

Beatrice x