[VIDEO] My Post-High School Plans | Travel Gap Year, College, etc.

In this video I went on a forest walk to contemplate my future - but don't worry, I'm not having an existential crisis. I'm actually feeling pretty solid about my plans for the future and since I've been getting a lot of questions on this topic, I decided to make a video to explain!

I reflect on how the four years of high school went for me, how I plan to spend my travel gap year, and what my thoughts are for college. And then I answered a few questions people sent in to Instagram!

Filming this video was was a fantastic exercise for me because I had multiple people walk/jog past me while I was filming and they totally caught me off guard. Filming in public is something that terrifies me but I know I can get used to it if I just practice, no matter how awkward it is 😫

[VIDEO] Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas for School and Work

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Happy Friday everyone!

Packing a healthy lunch to eat in the middle of your busy day doesn't have to be a huge time commitment! Actually, considering the amount of time it takes to get out of our school parking lot, you might save money AND time by making your own lunch and bringing it to school.

Whether you are packing food for school or work, in this video I'm sharing all of my ideas to make healthy eating a breeze ✨ I’ll share my personal favorite way to make sure that I eat a varied and healthy lunch, as well as other tips, like how to cleverly utilize meal prep, or how to fill your fridge with healthy snacks you can through into your lunchbox.

Whatever route you decide to take, you'll have healthy food ideas to last you through the entire week 🤗

What are your go-to foods to pack for a busy day?

Have an amazing weekend,
Beatrice x