[VIDEO] TIME TRACKING | How I Track Every Minute of My Day

Hello and happy Friday!

I’m actually starting to lose my sense of time… I had a senior portrait shoot last night and both of us marveling at how surprisingly empty downtown was for a “Friday evening”. It wasn’t until the very end of the shoot that my client was like “WAIT. Isn’t it Thursday…?”

Well, even though I’m not always quite sure of what day it is, I DID manage to get my Friday video out on time.

Behind-the-scenes story: It was supposed to be on a different topic that I just wasn’t super excited about (hint: budgeting) and I didn’t want to make a video that I wasn’t 100% into, you know? So I last-minute changed this week’s topic to time tracking, which I could go on for days and days about, and lo and behold I am super duper happy with how this video turned out!

In this video I'm telling you 5 reasons why you should be doing time tracking. I’ve been doing it for 2 years straight now and it’s one of the best habits I’ve ever developed.

I’ll also cover the 5 biggest challenges that might be stopping you from making this a habit and how to overcome them.

If time tracking seems overwhelming to you please please please give this video a chance! It's easier than you think and totally changes the way you perceive time. I probably sound like a salesperson, haha, but I just love this technique so much ok??

Hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to download the free PDF to help you set up your own time tracking system, then let me know how this habit goes for you!

P.S. I'm leaving for Europe in 5 days and I am SO excited, so get ready for my "packing a carry-on only for a 1-month trip to Europe video" as well as a bunch of other travel videos!

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[VIDEO] A Productive Week in My Life After High School


I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday :)

I made a second version of my productive week in the life video, since my routine is quite different now that I’ve graduated high school! Follow me along on a week of blogging, YouTube-ing, language learn-ing, and hang-ing out with friends.

This summer has definitely been good to me... I've been quite busy and at times overwhelmed but overall I've been deeply happy and I genuinely love the projects that I'm working on.

I guess the title is kind of clickbait because I realized I don't actually have the stamina to record my life for a full week, so this is actually ~a productive 5 DAYS IN MY LIFE after high school~. Hope you don't mind, haha!

Thank you so much for watching,
Beatrice x