The 3 Healthy, Mindful Podcasts I Listen To + Others to Try

A few years ago, podcasts seemed to me like the newspapers of the digital world. Reserved for thoughtful, intellectual people and not part of the mainstream. The purple little app stayed tucked away in the “Extras” folder on my phone because I didn’t think I would find anything but news and boring talk shows. (Which is not to say that you can’t listen to that, it just wasn’t what I was looking for!) Soon enough, though, I got curious and had to see what was there. I discovered a whole (new) world of podcasts on absolutely every topic, with funny, cheerful hosts, and insightful information.

It may not have been a coincidence that I got into the whole “podcast thing” because they have really been taking off. In 2013, 13% of US adults 12 and older had listened to a podcast in the past month. In 2017, the number was 21%! Welcome new podcast listeners! However, something interesting is that the amount of people familiar with what a podcast actually is has remained about the same these past few years… (source).

Whatever boat you're in: "What's a podcast?", "podcast newbie", or "just looking for recommendations for my ever-expanding library", I hope that me writing this post will spread the message about podcasts!

There is so much time in the day that could be spent listening to a podcast. I personally like to do it while doing mindless cleaning like sorting laundry, dusting, or washing dishes. You almost forget you’re doing chores because you feel like you’re engaged in a conversation with the podcasters. I also listen to podcasts while walking or running, and a lot of people listen to them while driving! Although, I’ve only been driving for a few weeks so I’ll just stick to listening to music and focusing on doing my mirror and shoulder checks!

When I was planning my editorial calendar, I wrote down “5 Podcasts”. I wasn’t sure exactly how many I listened to, but it sounded like a good guess and even 5 seemed like a small number to me. I saw other bloggers posting 5, 10, even 20 podcasts!! But when I looked at my list of podcasts, I realized that there were really only 3 that I actually listened to frequently. Sure, there are others that I’m subscribed to, but a person can only listen to so much, ya know? So I’m going to tell you about the 3 that I listen to loyally, and then I’ll give you a couple extras to check out. Sound good? Let’s do it!

The Balanced Blonde

This girl might very possibly have the most cheerful, positive, friendly soul of anyone I have ever… heard (I wanted to say met but sadly I have never met her!). I had already been following her Instagram @thebalancedblonde and her Soul on Fire podcast is just as inspiring, if not more. It’s kind of crazy to hear the voices of your favorite bloggers and it really makes you feel like you know them, like they’re your friend.

She has on all sorts of wellness-related guests, with whom she talks about ayurveda, holistic wellness, reiki, blogging, intuition, meditation, yoga, etc. It’s perfect for the health nut that is also interested in learning about spiritual practices. I’ll be honest, I thought all of it was pretty woo-woo before I started listening to TBB but sometimes you just gotta learn about things you’re hesitant about. It has definitely made me a much more open person.

And this excerpt from an episode with Lee Tilghman (@leefromamerica) that I was listening to recently describes Jordan PERFECTLY. They were talking about LED light therapy:

Lee: “I was totally like wow, this sounds so woo-woo when I first heard about it, and now I’m obsessed.”

Jordan: “I love it. Nothing ever sounds woo-woo to me, because I love all of it.”

The Lively Show

When I first found this podcast I thought “The Lively Show” was a pretty cool name, doesn’t it sound so cheerful? But then I found out that her name is actually Jess Lively. I mean, how can you not be a super awesome person if your last name is Lively?

Jess is just an incredibly smart, intuitive, mindful human being. When I first started listening, I sort of just listened all over the place, and then I took a break from this particular podcast. However, since I’ve recently been getting interested in spiritual wellness, her show titles sucked me in. Phrases like “high vibe living”, “quantum living”, “law of attraction”, “sacred geometry”, “and “human consciousness” called out to me, tempting me. I decided to get back to this podcast and start from square one. Episode 1 - blogging, biz & motherhood with erin loechner. It’s so saturated with inspiration to live simply, happily, and mindfully that I am now becoming slightly obsessed. Just slightly.

The Minimalists

The title of this podcast is quite self-explanatory - it’s about minimalism!

I think minimalism might seem like it’s just about maintaining a clutter-free house, but it’s really a lifestyle (and I know that sounds super cliche). The Minimalists talk about minimalism at home, in your relationships, in parenting, in technology, in health, in finances, etc. There is honestly so much to learn from these guys. I’m getting a little overwhelmed looking at their podcast list because I want to listen to it all!

One of my favorite episodes was the one on organizing. I used to be an organizer *shudders*. Obviously I’m still somewhat of an organizer because you never really reach total minimalism, you just constantly strive for it. But I was the type of person to fill the space under my bed with things I didn’t want to see but didn’t want to throw away, to meticulously archive magazines I didn’t want to read, to store boxes of art materials I had no idea where to use but didn’t want to part with. This essay, titled “Organizing Is Well-Planned Hoarding”, is beautifully worded.

Just one episode of this podcast will inspire you to change your life. If you want to get a quick start, try their 30-day minimalism game and challenge a friend.


Other podcasts

These are podcasts that I have either listened to a few episodes of OR would like to listen to.

Rich Roll - Nutrition, fitness, spirituality, entrepreneurship, etc. I’d say this podcast hits all of the major categories of wellness blogging, but with more focus on the nutrition and fitness aspect than other podcasts. He and his guests talk about veganism, public health, mindfulness, unschooling, etc.

How They Blog - Basically all things blogging. New episodes are no longer made but there’s a lot to learn here. Pinterest, partnerships, writing, e-mail newsletters, conferences, shop owning, photography, etc.

Elise Gets Crafty - I know this sounds like a design/craft podcast but it really isn’t. It’s more about living a mindful, creative life and running small businesses. There’s episodes on teaching creative workshops, on trying new things, on creative living, on growing a business, etc.

The Influencer Podcast - More nerdy blogging lessons! I say nerdy in the best possible way. Learning is the best thing, ever. Tune into this podcast to learn about turning your side hustle into a business, getting deals with brands, using Pinterest to grow your influence, getting into a good mindset, etc.

She Means Business - I recently got the She Means Business book (which I love!) and have listened to a few episodes of this podcast. This is also very much blogging/business related. There are a couple of short episodes that are excerpts from her book, which you might want to try to get yourself pumped up before getting to work! There are also interviews with lots of inspiring women who have made their dreams come true.

Writing this post has makes me wanna just go on a long, long, aimless walk and listen to every single podcast episode I can get my hands on. Once you get a taste of the entertainment, knowledge, and inspiration that this little habit provides, you've gotta have more!

So tell me, are you as in love with podcasts as I am? Which ones do you listen to?