[VIDEO] August Monthly Recap // Accomplishments, lessons, and favorites

I can't believe that summer is over! Even though I don't want to accept that the school year is here, it was time to do a monthly recap for the month of August to celebrate the accomplishments, take a look at the lessons I learned, and share all of my favorite things from the month :)

If I had to summarize August, I'd say that it was a month FULL of blog projects... As I mention at the end of the video, I figured out that I spent twice as much time working on my blog this month than I have ANY other month. Crazy, right? But in that time I accomplished a lot, seriously improved my skills, worked with new people/brands, etc. 

Last but not least, before you watch the video, here is my August monthly playlist, as promised! You all voted 100% yes for bringing the monthly playlists back to my blog so here you are :) (excuse the disproportionate amounts of BTS, they released a new album ok).

Wishing you a wonderful September!

August 2018 Playlist

October Loving Lately + Playlist

Hello friends!

Gasp- what am I doing here on a Tuesday? Since this blog began I have (mostly) been posting on Thursday, Sunday, Thursday, Sunday… Well, the reason is: I’ve switched to one blog post a week. I didn’t have the greatest weekend, so I didn’t write anything for Sunday, but I didn’t want to leave ya guys hanging until next Sunday! As for the schedule change and the weekend, all will be explained below, you must read on ;)

Thanks to The Rave / Eagles Club for  posting this picture on Facebook.

Thanks to The Rave / Eagles Club for posting this picture on Facebook.


So first I HAVE to talk about the Macklemore concert. Actually, I just realized the concert technically did not happen in October… oh well, rules are meant for breaking.

Before I went to any concerts, I simply didn’t understand the point. When I was little, I was baffled at why my dad was so intent on watching sports games if he could “just look at the results afterwards”. Similarly, I didn’t see the point of paying to see someone perform music I could listen to at home, for FREE!

Well now, with 5 concerts under my belt (Oh Wonder, Gwen Stefani, Twenty One Pilots, Queen, and Macklemore) I can say that I am a convert. Boy oh boy, the things I didn’t understand when I was young… Concerts are indescribably amazing.


This concert, especially. There was SO much energy. The whole performance didn’t feel robotically choreographed, rehearsed a thousand times. There were two dancers who looked like they were having a blast, lots of backup singers, and singers who ran and danced around the stage. It truly felt like the people on stage and the people in the crowd were part of the same big party. The trumpet and trombone players renewed my appreciation for these under-represented instruments, and all of the songs were so good I just couldn’t stop smiling.

I'm just going to warn you, next month's playlist is going to be straight up Macklemore.


These first two months of school have been busy busy. Not busy in the sense that there are a ton of things I need to do and countless places I need to be, but busy on a more personal level. I’ve been expecting a crap ton of myself, pushing myself to stay up late to complete homework, excel in extracurriculars, and maintain this here blog.

I’m now realizing that this has a toll that, while not immediate, is very real. For example, just this weekend I felt inexplicably sad. I know the post-concert-depression had something to do with it, but I just felt tuckered out. I could hardly bring myself to do any work, and I felt listless and tired. Saturday evening, I just wanted to give up and watch TV. So that’s exactly what I did. I watched the first two episodes of Stranger Things. And you know what? The world didn’t explode! Yay!

The quizzes and tests I didn’t think I’d studied enough for? All As. The clubs I feel I should be doing more in? A closer look reveals I’m doing PLENTY. And this blog? This blog should never be a burden. Yes, I want to work hard for it, but because I love food and photography and health, NOT because it’s another pressure I’ve put on myself.

So for these reasons I have decided to go from two posts a week to one. It’s more sustainable for me, and 2 posts a week is quite a lot of content now that I think about it. I want to focus that effort into making that one post good and well-promoted, and also into my Instagram (which by the way is @theblissbean wink wink).


When it comes to workouts, I’m not much of a runner, spinner, biker, elliptical-er, etc. I like working my muscles, I like variety, and I need things that keep my mind busy. That’s why I love Turbo Kick, circuit workouts, Fitness Blender, etc.

Recently I wanted to try something new, so I downloaded the Nike Training Club app. I’ve done 2 workouts but I’m surprised at how challenging they are. They start out so easy and you think oh psh piece of cake and then OH MY GOODNESS my shoulders are burning because of these freaking sumo pushups who even invented these and why do I have to do so many?! It totally catches you by surprise and by then you’re too far into it to feel like backing out.

Also, they replied to my tweet, which I’m pretty chuffed about :) 

qqOLdp (1).gif


Speaking of working out, I’ve been doing more strength workouts lately and I’m thoroughly enjoying the kind of muscle soreness I haven’t experienced in a while. I sort of waddled over to the sink after I finished my dinner today. Before I fell in love with fitness I probably would have viewed this as an annoying by-product of something that already sucks. But now it’s just a satisfying cherry on top. I can just imagine those torn muscle fibers REPAIRING THEMSELVES TO BECOME STRONGER #nerd.


My family has been making this millet salad from Edible Perspective over and over and over. I had the (genius) idea to put it in a tortilla with avocado as a burrito, and now even my brother is obsessed. We’ve been making huge batches because they make for amazing school lunches, snacks, dinners, anything.

Sauna Post Pouring Onto Rocks.jpg


In relation to the whole “letting go” thing, family nights work wonders for me. Sundays tend to be when I start to feel anxious about the upcoming week, and family nights kinda shut up that voice inside my head and force me to spend time doing nothing and relaxing. We first go in the sauna for a while, which has a lot of health benefits in addition to just making you feel great. Then, when we’re all drowsy and relaxed, we watch SNL or some other movie/TV show together. The actual perfect way to end the week.


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