[VIDEO] How I Organize Digital Files | My File Organization System

Happy Friday!

For today’s video, I’m back with another “talking” video, which I feel like I haven’t done in forever!

With all of the photos, YouTube footage, school assignments, and graphic designs that I deal with on a regular basis, I need to have an organized system to make sure I can find what it is that I need!

In this video I'll be sharing all of the tips that I have for keeping your digital files organized - from keeping your computer folders organized and backing up to an external hard drive, to labeling your e-mails and using Google Photos to make photos accessible anywhere.

I hope you find this helpful! As I mention in the video, what works for me might not work for you, but hopefully you can take bits and pieces from this and apply it to your own organization system that is perfect for your purposes ☺

✨ r e s o u r c e s ✨

UNUM app for Instagram


Google Calendar

WD EasyStore Hard Drive, 4TB

Google Photos

My DIGITAL PLANNING routine with TeuxDeux


Let me know what you think! What are your best digital organization tips?

Thanks so much for watching!
Beatrice x

[VIDEO] My Weekly Photo Organizing Routine

Have you ever felt like you were swimming in a sea of digital files? Perhaps it's time to set up a photo organizing routine. Having a routine in place that tells you exactly what you need to do with all of the photos on your smartphone, SD cards, tablet, etc. makes it so much easier to actually follow through!

Back when I had my old phone I literally had to back up my photos every week because otherwise I would run out of storage. Then I got my new phone and the seemingly never-ending storage was nice and all until I realized that I had let my camera roll get totally backed up with duplicates, screenshots, memes, blurry photos, etc. I couldn't find the stuff I wanted! And what if I lost my phone? NONE of it was backed up.

ENTER this routine that saved my digital life. Now I don't have to worry about where I'm putting all of my photos. I just have to do it. And you can too! :) Follow along for my tips, tricks, and ideas.

What are your best tips for keeping your digital life organized?

Happy FRI-YAY everyone!
Beatrice x