[VIDEO] A Productive Week in My Life | Photoshoots, editing, and errands

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Hello and happy Friday!

For this week’s video I decided to take you along on an average ~glamorous~ week to show you my life, which consists primarily of: attending pointless classes, editing photos and videos for hours on end in my room, and attempting to counteract my sleep deprivation with matcha.

Actually, it's not as boring as I make it sound, haha. This was a pretty fantastic and productive week for me. I shot and edited some photos I was really proud of, stayed active, was in a great mood, and spent really quality time with friends. So I hope you find some inspiration in this good week that I had, or at least a little bit of entertainment.

I hope you enjoy!
Beatrice x

P.S. If you want more productivity, you can check out my productive day in the life video. I’ll let you be the judge of how "productive" these videos actually are.

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0:38 - Sunday
1:29 - Monday
4:30 - Tuesday
6:09 - Wednesday
8:28 - Thursday
10:06 - Friday

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How I do digital planning

The app I used for the workouts in this video

[VIDEO] My Weekly Photo Organizing Routine

Have you ever felt like you were swimming in a sea of digital files? Perhaps it's time to set up a photo organizing routine. Having a routine in place that tells you exactly what you need to do with all of the photos on your smartphone, SD cards, tablet, etc. makes it so much easier to actually follow through!

Back when I had my old phone I literally had to back up my photos every week because otherwise I would run out of storage. Then I got my new phone and the seemingly never-ending storage was nice and all until I realized that I had let my camera roll get totally backed up with duplicates, screenshots, memes, blurry photos, etc. I couldn't find the stuff I wanted! And what if I lost my phone? NONE of it was backed up.

ENTER this routine that saved my digital life. Now I don't have to worry about where I'm putting all of my photos. I just have to do it. And you can too! :) Follow along for my tips, tricks, and ideas.

What are your best tips for keeping your digital life organized?

Happy FRI-YAY everyone!
Beatrice x