[VIDEO] My Post-Vacation Life Reset


So I felt a bit (read: a lot) overwhelmed upon coming home after a month of doing next-to-nothing, so I did what I always do when my thoughts are all over the place - I made a list, meditated, and got down to business.

I came home on Thursday evening, so I decided to use my weekend to get myself set up to jump back into my normal life routine on Monday.

I hope this video motivates you in some way, not only to buckle down and make a plan for getting things done, but to forgive yourself if all does not go to plan. Remember - things rarely go to plan, but you will achieve far more with an incomplete plan than with no plan at all!

Most importantly... please answer my question in the YouTube comments - do you wave when you say "goodbye" on the phone? Or am I alone?

[VIDEO] My Month in EUROPE | London, Paris, Lithuania, etc.


I normally don’t upload on Mondays but it's already been too long since the last video and I just couldn’t wait for Friday.

August went by incredibly quickly, and it’s amazing how quickly time can pass when you’re visiting family members you haven’t seen in 5 years (or more), eating all of your favorite foods from your childhood, and just being awestruck by the beauty of Europe.

Throughout this trip, I learned how to be okay with not doing anything "productive", grew a lot closer to my brother, and cried for the first time in a while.

They ain't lying when they say travel is transformative, huh?

I wasn't sure how I would end up laying out this video... I don't like talking to a camera in front of other people so a vlog format was not happening. This video is a bit different from how I usually edit, and I hope you enjoy!