[VIDEO] November 2018 Recap // Accomplishments, Lessons, and Favorite Things

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Hello everyone!

Can someone please explain to me how it’s December already? I'm not sure where 2018 went but I'm really glad I've been documenting my year with these monthly recaps.

They’ve been a great way to celebrate my accomplishments, remember the good memories, and learn the lessons that life has to teach me, but I really hope that you also find some value and inspiration in watching them as well! ✨

In this video I'll tell you about my last-minute decision to dye my hair pink, why I set (and achieved!) my goal of not doing ZERO homework at home, how I've been pushing myself to be more creative with filmmaking, and more.

You can also find my monthly playlist here!

Hope you enjoy, and thank you for watching!
Beatrice x

[VIDEO] September 2018 Recap | Monthly Accomplishments, Lessons, and Favorites

I’m back with another monthly recap! At the end of each month I sit down to do my monthly planning routine, and before I set any goals for the upcoming month, I make sure to review how the previous month went. I take a look at what accomplishments I achieved, what lessons I learned, what good memories I made, and what my favorite books/shows/videos/products were!

This month I went back to school (senior year, eek!) so I had to figure out how to balance that with everything else (blogging, photography, extracurriculars, etc.) that I want to do. I learned a lot in the process, and I'm sharing my key takeaways in this video.

Do you have a monthly planning or monthly review routine? What your favorite memory from September 2018?

Much love!
Beatrice x