[VIDEO] All of the Books I've Read So Far in 2019

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Hello and happy Friday!

I’m currently in the car (literally) typing up this description on my way to Dallas, Texas with my family. We’re on a road trip right now, and in 2 days I’ll be competing at the FBLA National Conference in San Antonio. But! I made sure to carve out some time to edit this video because I really wanted to talk about BOOKS.

I shared in this video that even though I strive for the habit of reading for 15 minutes per day, realistically, that only happens about every other day, at best. But I used to not do ANY reading outside of school, so whatever time I set aside to read a book of my choice is an improvement!

Today I'm doing a quick review of all of the books I've read so far in 2019. The SparkNotes version of this video: I would recommend them all. There you go!

But if it were that simple this wouldn’t be an 11-minute video. I have a few issues with some of the books, which I explain in more depth in the video. Digging into the reviews and criticisms of these books was actually super interesting and I think helped me to understand the books better!

I hope you find my mini reviews helpful, and please let me know if this video leads you to check out any of these books and read them for yourself!

Have you read any of the books I mention? 🤔

A Few of My Favorite Links #4

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Hello everyone!

I’m back with the fourth edition of this bi-monthly (or is it every-other-month…ly?) series! This is where I share all of the inspirational, motivational, and helpful links I’ve been loving lately - videos, articles, TEDTalks, podcasts, websites, you name it.

I hope you find a helpful tidbit or something that makes you smile!

Have an amazing rest of your week,
Beatrice x

P.S. I am currently in the middle of the ocean! I’m on a cruise and it’s a sea day, which means I’m totally disconnected from the Internet (this post is brought you by the magic of scheduling. I’ll be posting and sharing lots from this trip, so be sure to follow along on Instagram!

Love to read self-improvement books but not sure how to go about applying all of that knowledge to your life? This article from WikiHow does a great job of explaining step-by-step how you can use self-improvement books to actually, well… improve yourself!

Rowena puts SO much effort and thought into her content it’s actually insane. Whenever she uploads a long video, I just know it’s time to learn a ton: How To Make & Save More Money: Mindsets and Side Hustles.

One of my favorite YouTubers (Krist Yu) has a new video about one of my current favorite trends (the KonMari cleaning method?). Yes, please.

Speaking of the KonMari method, I’m living for the Marie Kondo memes lately (especially this tweet).

@drawingolive is my new favorite Instagram account, and this post about upstairs neighbors is what got me to press “follow”

Words and Latte is one of those blogs that just brings me pure joy when I read it. Hannah’s photography and writing are so beautiful, and I loved her post “Small Things You Can Do To Improve Yourself”.

Every single @holyhealth recipe has me DROOLING. Brb while I go make these vegan twix bars.

Brief shameless self-promotion while we’re on the topic of sweet recipes - I made this coconut chip chocolate chunk trail mix and was actually so sad when I finished the jar.

I’ve probably mentioned it in one of these posts before, but I absolutely love the Duolingo Spanish podcast for helping me practice Spanish. You get to hear actual Spanish speakers telling fascinating, real-life stories.

I really loved this article from Huffington Post on how to maximize small pockets of time. I’ll be sharing my own ideas and tips on the topic very soon!

The caption of this Instagram post about the term “PMS” was just SO spot-on. While you’re at it, follow @ericachidicohen, she’s amazing.

That’s all for this edition! Let me know which one was your favorite, and I’ll see you over on Instagram.

Beatrice x