[VIDEO] How I Study Korean - Notebook, Practice, Vocabulary

Back in June I decided that I wanted to start learning Korean. I know 3(ish) languages and I decided it was time to challenge myself with something totally different.

Since my school (or most schools) don’t offer Korean classes, I knew I would have to self-study it. Even though this would require more work on my part, it would also allow me to develop my own routine that was flexible and effective.

So in this video I’ll be telling you first, about what online tools I study from: There are so many apps and websites out there for studying Korean (and, of course, textbooks, but I’m a Gen Zer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). There’s no “best” option, it all depends on what you’re looking for. I tested a couple of different apps and websites and finally settled on just ONE that I’m focusing on because it has pretty much everything I want to know about Korean vocab and grammar. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what it is!

Then, I’ll give you a tour of my Korean notebook (which I am very proud of). It holds all of my notes, a list of all of the vocabulary I’ve learned so far, and helpful phrases. I’ll also tell you about my highlighting system, and how I organize my notes!

I’ll show you my flashcards, which I use to drill vocab.

And then finally I’ll tell you about my daily study routine! How long I study, what I focus on during each session, etc.

I hope these tips help you whether you’re learning Korean, another language, or are looking to start another language! Don’t forget to share the video with a friend if they do :) I wanted to create this video because I really believe that knowing multiple languages opens so many doors and improves our cultural understanding.

Let me know! What language(s) are you currently learning or would you like to learn?

Happy Friday,
Beatrice x

[VIDEO] Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas for School and Work

2 - Cover Image - Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas.jpg

Happy Friday everyone!

Packing a healthy lunch to eat in the middle of your busy day doesn't have to be a huge time commitment! Actually, considering the amount of time it takes to get out of our school parking lot, you might save money AND time by making your own lunch and bringing it to school.

Whether you are packing food for school or work, in this video I'm sharing all of my ideas to make healthy eating a breeze ✨ I’ll share my personal favorite way to make sure that I eat a varied and healthy lunch, as well as other tips, like how to cleverly utilize meal prep, or how to fill your fridge with healthy snacks you can through into your lunchbox.

Whatever route you decide to take, you'll have healthy food ideas to last you through the entire week 🤗

What are your go-to foods to pack for a busy day?

Have an amazing weekend,
Beatrice x