[VIDEO] How I Budget and Save As a Teenager

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Hello everyone!

This video gave me quite a fun time… what with having to film the talking part 3 times and export it 3 times before I finally got it right - all while being sick!

Anyways, I’m so happy that it has finally turned out the way I wanted it to. In this video I’m sharing my simple system for tracking finances as well as the ONE smallest thing you need to do to get better at dealing with money, no matter what your situation is.

This video was requested by a couple of people and while I still felt weird making this video (lil' old me? giving FINANCIAL advice? please) I feel like I'm at a point in my life where I actually have something to share on the topic.

My system may not be applicable to everyone because I'm still living at home (thank you mom and dad for supporting me), but I thought it's important to share this perspective as well, since I know many of my viewers are at the same life stage and it's important to start developing these habits early!

I talked all about how I do monthly budgeting, how I track income and expenses from my photography business, tips that help me save more and spend less, and more super duper fun adulting stuff :)

I hope you enjoy, and please send in questions about my photography business so that I know what to talk about when I film that!

Much love,