[VIDEO] Pack With Me | Carry-On Only for 1 Month in Europe


I'm currently in London and while these few days have made me realize that maybe I don’t like English accents as much as I thought I did, it’s somehow taking over my mind and I feel like I have to remind myself to speak with an American accent.

Anyways, before I left for this trip I filmed this little “pack with me” video to show you how I took on the challenge of packing in only a carry-on and a personal item. Actually, this turned out to not be much of a challenge at all and I ended up with some extra space and added clothes, lol.

In this video I'm going over exactly what I packed for this trip and what luggage I used - I hope this gives you some packing tips or inspires you to try going without a big checked bag for your next trip (it's so much easier to lug around and often much more cost-effective as well).

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