[VIDEO] My Morning Routine for a Productive Day 2018

Good morning! As I am writing this I have actually just finished my morning routine, so the timing is perfect. Even though I had to wake up far earlier today than I would like to on a Saturday, I still made time for my morning routine because I know that it will center me for the busy day ahead.

My morning routine energizes me, helps me get my thoughts all out of my head, and gets me organized for the day. It’s a mindful series of steps that I’ve experimented with to get something that works for ME.

Please keep in mind that what works for me may not necessarily work for you! So use this as inspiration, but remember that everyone needs their own unique routine :)

I hope you enjoy watching! Don’t forget that if you’re looking for the “show notes” (the stuff I say I’ll link to in the description), you can find them by clicking on over and watching this video on YouTube.

Have an amazing weekend!
Beatrice x