[VIDEO] July 2018 Accomplishments, Lessons, and Favorites

July monthly recap accomplishments lessons favorites 2018 .jpg

Good morning and happy August! We've now reached the last month of summer and it's time to make the most of the good weather and freedom from school (if you're a student) while simultaneously balancing all of the busyness that starts up this time of year.

Despite that I knew it was important to pause for a bit and look back at July to review how it went. It's important to celebrate your accomplishments, assess your progress on goals, etc. I always review my month by filling out a page in my planner but I also like to make a video to recap not only the serious stuff like accomplishments and lessons but also the good memories and favorite things that I enjoyed reading, watching, and listening to!

I really enjoyed editing this video even though Adobe Creative Cloud tried to stop me (it would sign out every 2 minutes and now it just seems to be gone from my menu bar... has that happened to anyone?). 

I hope you enjoy watching it! And let me know - what was your favorite memory from July?

Here's to a fantastic August!

Beatrice x