A Few of My Favorite Links #1

Hello friends!

In the spirit of #backtoschool season *cries but also is slightly excited*, I figured it would be a good time to try something new and start a new blog series.

Enter "a few of my favorite links"! A reference to The Sound of Music, this series will feature my favorite internet-y things that I've discovered lately. Inspiring, useful, and just plain entertaining links. 

I really hope you enjoy! Without further ado, the first edition of my favorite links...

I used to be super into cycle syncing and Lee’s article on seed cycling got me excited about it again. It’s time we normalize talking about women’s health and acknowledge the huge impact that the menstrual cycle has on our lives 💕

Asian Efficiency is my new favorite website for productivity tips. This article on time batching was perfect for a productivity nerd like me

Someone finally ACTUALLY explained how to make money while traveling and I haven’t felt this inspired in a long time (thank you Sorelle!).

I’ve been listening to the Duolingo Spanish podcast to brush up on my Spanish, and the stories are actually fascinating. This story about a man’s train trip across the United States brought me back to the Amtrak trip I recently took from New York to Madison and had me longing to travel.

Speaking of language learning, How to Study Korean has been my savior in working towards my summer bucket list item of learning Korean (or starting to learn Korean). 

I’m thinking of starting my monthly playlists back up (you guys voted an overwhelming 100% YES for that on Instagram Stories) but for now, I’m obsessed with this song.

Because of Mariana, I’m actually kind of excited for the new school year (crazy, right?). Check out her video of 40 study tips (I'm coming out with my own study tips video very soon, wink wink)

I’ve been experimenting with digital planning (I set a goal to try it for a week), and TeuxDeux was my tool of choice. It’s bare-bones simple, with just the right amount of features. The weekly view with optional lists at the bottom is exactly what I loved about my paper planner, digitized. And the ability to drag tasks around changes everything. 

For those of us without that fancy schmancy new Mac touch screen bar, GetEmoji is the easiest way I know of to find and copy emojis on a computer. And since I like to do most of my blog work on my computer, I use this a LOT.

I’ve never been a huge fan of swimming but Aileen’s blog post on swimming laps for the people she loves made me totally rethink not only the way I view swimming but the way I view exercise.

I recently spent a few hours doing some intense calculations and research to figure out whether attending a concert in New York would be worth the trip (final result: it wouldn’t) and this gas and toll calculator was so useful. Honestly, I love travel planning so I wasn't even disappointed to find out that it wouldn't work out.

We finally got Jintro and it was beautiful. Personally, I think it sounds better each time that I listen to it. I can't wait for October.

Well, that's it for this edition! Hope you found something interesting/useful. Got any suggestions for me to check out? Send an e-mail my way at blissbeanblog@gmail.com (or message me on Instagram/Twitter).

Hope you have a fantastic Monday that starts off an amazing week.

Thanks for reading,
Beatrice x