[VIDEO] My Gap Year - Why I'm Doing it + First Planning Steps // ep. 1

It's finally starting to feel real, my gap year is in less than a year... To document the entire experience, from planning to the actual traveling, I've started a video series.

In this first video I'll take you through my reasons for taking a gap year before college and what I hope to gain from the experience. Then I'll talk about how I started the planning process (trust me, I had no idea how to start), what resources I found helpful, and what opportunities I'm looking into. Finally, I'll talk about what my next steps are!

Of course, being the stubborn perfectionist that I can sometimes be, I spent hours trying to learn After Effects just to make the intro sequence for this video, haha 😂 It was so worth it, though. I'm really happy with how it turned out and excited to use it as I continue this series!

If you have taken a gap year or are also in the process of planning one, don't be a stranger! Feel free to reach out - I'd love to talk to people who are going through or have gone through a similar experience.

Beatrice x