6 Days to Simple Productivity E-mail Challenge

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Are you ready to get productive? Are you ready to instill new, simple habits that will help you get done everything that's important to you? And are you ready to do all of this with one simple challenge, delivered to your inbox each morning for only 6 days? If you answered with an enthusiastic "aw yeah!" to any of these questions, this e-mail challenge might be right for you.

This 6-day productivity challenge will introduce you to the productivity habits that everyone should incorporate into their lives. We're covering the basics of a productive lifestyle, whether you are dipping your toe into the world of productivity or need a good refresher.

Why should I sign up?

It makes sense

The six challenges will follow a logical order: first, we'll clear away some distractions; second, we'll evaluate how we currently spend our time; finally, we'll make sure we get the important things done.

It’s as easy as productivity gets

Most of these challenges are super low time commitment. They’re more like mindset changes than anything. There is no “quick fix” for productivity (despite what people may try to tell you), but we’re going to try and fit this around your busy schedule the best we can.

It’s simple

When choosing the daily challenges I didn’t dig through the archives of history's productivity techniques to pull out the most obscure and complicated methods. No, I chose things that are pretty much universally agreed upon. Easy peasy.

How do I sign up?

Plug your name and e-mail into this magic box right here and the work is done! You'll get an introductory e-mail, and the challenge will begin the next day. Are you ready?