[VIDEO] How to Use Time Tracking to Maximize Your Day

I'm baaack!! So first let me quick tell you where I was and assure you that I didn't just randomly drop off the face of the planet.

I was traveling around the East Coast for a few weeks. First, I was in Baltimore for FBLA Nationals (I got 2nd place in my event, yay!). Then, I went with my family to Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. And then finally I had a week-long journalism camp in Long Island. The craziest part was the trip back. I took one Metro train, two subways, two Amtrak trains, and a Coach bus for a total of 29 HOURS of travel. I'm not complaining, though. It was my first time traveling alone and it was absolutely exciting.

So I jumped back into blogging with a video on a topic that I could talk for dayzz about. Time tracking. The most important productivity technique, in my opinion. I really went all out editing this video and I'm so happy with how everything turned out. I hope you LOVE IT! Don't forget to share if it helped you :)

Let me know if you try time tracking and what you discover by doing it! And if you're hungry for more, you can read my blog post on time tracking or just all of my blog posts on productivity (I blog a lot about that, hehe).

Beatrice x