[VIDEO] Weekly Planning Routine - Plan With Me 6.17.18

It's Sunday! And you know what Sundays are for... PLANNING!

You guys know I'm a total planing nerd, but planning out my week isn't just something I do because I enjoy planning. I consider it a necessity. Do I always want to sit down on Sunday evening for 45 minutes and think intensely about all of the things on my plate for the following week? Nah, but I always always do it because I know that it'll set me up to have a great week.

In this video I take you through my entire planning process, step-by-step (I literally have a numbered step-by-step process written out). I also talk about what supplies I use for planning (including my beloved Zebra Mildliners).

Also, as I mention in the video, I do have a story highlight on my Instagram where I have a (much) shorter version of the entire process that you can refer to whenever you want!

Hope you enjoy!

Have the happiest of Sundays,
Beatrice x