[VIDEO] How to be More Efficient with Schoolwork // Tips for at HOME and at SCHOOL

Heyo! New YouTube video. I haven't decided on a specific day of the week that I will be uploading videos. Or, honestly, even IF I'll be uploading on a specific day. I think that as long as I keep up with a regular schedule, it's nice to be able to decide what day works best that week :)

So I planned to upload this on Monday and spent hours that day editing it. I finished up at right around 11PM, and then Premiere gave me the news that it would take 2 hours to export *cries*. Add on to that like 45 minutes to upload to YouTube, and so I left my laptop plugged in out in the hallway so that it could do its thing during the night without its bright light keeping me awake, haha. I wrote out the description and everything and published in math class :P

This second video is the first video that really starts to focus on what my channel to be about - all things planning, productivity, goal setting, travel, and tips for LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! School has been on my mind a lot since we are in the home stretch of junior year and my motivation to do well in class is hanging on by a thin thread, tbh. So I decided to share all of the things I've learned this year that have gotten me to this point in an efficient manner, allowing me to juggle lots of clubs as well as blogging with my schoolwork. Now I just need to use these tips to get through a few more weeks *sighs*.

A lot of these tips can honestly apply to non-students, as well. For example, I talk about the Pomodoro technique, which I think literally everyone can benefit from.

I really dumped everything I know into this video and had a lot of fun making it. I hope you enjoy watching!