[VIDEO] Chicago Trip Thanksgiving Break 2018

It has become a family tradition to spend the five glorious days of Thanksgiving Break traveling. We used to do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but our extended family all live in Europe and we realized eventually that a family of four cannot finish a turkey without falling into a food coma and ending up with way too many leftovers. It was much more fun (and a lot less time in the kitchen) to escape for a weekend and spend some quality time together.

Chicago is a favorite city for these Thanksgiving trips, so we visited downtown Chicago for two nights. Since we’ve already visited most of the museums and attractions there, we spent most of our time simply walking around, eating a lot, and relaxing a lot. It was wonderful.

For a while now I haven’t really felt inspired to document my life, like the trips that I go on, simply because I feel like I have so many video projects for my blog and for school that filmmaking has almost become a chore. However, I challenged myself creatively to take some clips of this trip and string them together into a short little time capsule, and I hope you enjoy watching it :)


Ramen Misoya - A small (but very busy) restaurant serving ramen in miso broth. I tried the Hokkaido and Tokyo varieties and both were really tasty.

Lee Wing Wah - Chinese restaurant where I tried chow fun for the first time and crab rangoon for the hundredth time. Both were amazing.

Kung Fu Tea - National bubble tea chain that I can always count on. I normally like the milk cap flavors or any of the milk teas, but on this visit I was so stuffed from the previous restaurant that I got a simple oolong tea with bubbles.

Christkindlmarket - An annual open-air festival inspired by traditional German and European Christmas markets. Much of the food is over-priced, so I would stick to having dinner somewhere else and coming here to enjoy the desserts and the pretty lights.

K-Pop of Chinatown - I visited this store for the second time hoping to find something for my Secret Santa recipient but the prices were pretty high. This is the only k-pop store I’ve ever been to, though, so I’m not sure how it compares. There’s a lot of stuff packed into a small space, though!