[VIDEO] 3 Frugal and Sustainable Shopping Tips + Fall THRIFT HAUL 🍁

β€˜Tis the season for plaid scarves, cable-knit sweaters, and cream-colored cardigans, and I got all of that and MORE when I went thrifting a few days ago. Since I think thrifting is so unbelievably amazing, I wanted to share a couple of basic tips for thrifting newbies, as well as other ways to shop cheaply and sustainably so that you can be kind to your wallet AND the Earth.

Spoiler alert (or not really a spoiler because I literally put it in the thumbnail): I spent a total of $10.44 and you won’t believe the amount of stuff that I got. Thrifting saves you so much money and it forces you to be more creative with what you wear, which is a fun challenge.

So without further ado, my tips & tricks for shopping and my fall 2018 thrift haul! Enjoy!

Happy Friday,
Beatrice x