15 MORE Facts About Me

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yellow Heart Watercolor from  OutsideInArtStudio  on Etsy

Yellow Heart Watercolor from OutsideInArtStudio on Etsy

So my very very first post on this here blog was my 15 Facts About Me. Now, for my 17th post, I'm coming back at ya with 15 MORE facts! Hey, 17 is my lucky number! I totally wasn't planning that, cooool... Let's begin!

1. I am a gold-orange personality type

This is based on the True Colors personality test. You can find a whole lot of resources but basically:

    Gold is organized, punctual, sensible, prepared, loyal, detailed.

    Orange is spontaneous, optimistic, generous, bold, impulsive, eager.

    Blue is enthusiastic, sympathetic, warm, compassionate, idealistic, sincere.

    Green is analytical, calm, inventive, logical, creative, investigative.

The test is fairly quick and not by any means comprehensive but it’s super fun to take and predict your friends’ results!

2. And the last time I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test, I got ISFJ-T

This personality test is way more detailed, with 16 personality types rather than 4. I took this a while ago, so I might need to update my results (it takes a while!) but I am an ISFJ-T, a “defender”. According to the website, us defenders are perfectionistic (although we procrastinate), responsible, good gift-givers, analytical, judging, and receptive to change, among other things. It’s fascinating, you should check it out!


3. I do not have a green thumb

I absolutely love having plants around me but for some reason I can never keep them alive. Sadly, they all end up wilting, because I either overwater or underwater. *sigh* Finding balance is hard. Maybe I should hire a gardener? 

4. I am missing two permanent teeth

So here’s the thing - I have two metal fillings in my teeth. They bothered me when I was little, and I often asked my parents if those teeth would fall out. They assured me that, yes, those were baby teeth and they would eventually fall out. Fast forward to an orthodontist appointment and the dentist looks puzzled looking at my x-ray. Two of my permanent teeth are missing. They just aren’t there, they never were. And guess which teeth they are? Yep, the two that have the metal fillings. It’s not a huge problem, but it means that once they fall out (and there is no prediction for when this will happen), I’ll have to get implants.

5. I won two school spelling bees in elementary school

I was never one of those serious spelling bee competitors and spelling bees kinda stressed me out, but I was naturally good at spelling so I figured I would participate. I did terribly at the city round both times, but hey, at least I got my picture in the paper :)

A family portrait, not pictured is the most important of them all - Fuzzy.

A family portrait, not pictured is the most important of them all - Fuzzy.

6. I have zero pets

I had a cat when I was little, and some fish when I was in elementary school. Now the only pets in my house are my brother’s stuffed animals (and don’t you dare say they’re not real). I don’t really mind not having any pets. My heart aches when I see those animal shelter commercials or when I see a cute little puppy walking by, but it also seems like so much work and I don’t think I’d be up for that.


7. I am a morning person

I looove mornings! The earlier I get up, the more productive my day feels, you know? You feel like you’re getting a head start. It’s cool outside, the sun is low, the air is quiet and damp from the night. Breakfast is such a wonderfully relaxing ritual, and morning routines are the bomb. It is also the only time that I am the only one awake, so I take advantage of that time before my family wakes up and turns on the TV -_-

8. I accidentally set off the fire alarm at school once

    To date this is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me… I was in 4th grade gym class, working on a partner activity. I leaned on the fire alarm’s plastic cover without thinking about it and it suddenly popped off. The shrill tone rang throughout the entire school and everyone in the gym stopped what they were doing and their heads turned in unison towards me. The gym teacher quickly popped the cover back on and class resumed, but my face remained as red as a tomato.

9. Someday I want to ride a long-distance train

    Maybe I am romanticizing this but I’m imagining a little cabin with soft bunk beds, scenery rushing by, cars with glass ceilings to gaze out of. It sounds so completely different from any sort of travel I’ve done thus far - car, plane, cruise, bus. It’s something I just have to try!

10. I wanted to be a scientist when I was little

I was so sure of this. I wanted to study space, and be the smartest little scientist there ever was. Looking back on it, I think it was because my dad wanted me to be a scientist. Once I got older and realized that I had other options and that my parents were totally fine with me exploring other options, I realized that my personality had always leaned towards this kind of entrepreneurial, creative stuff. It’s taken a while to get here but I’m excited to finally have a clear idea of what I want to do!


11. I love pretty pens and planners

    I’m really a sucker for them. Whenever I go to Target I practically drool over the pretty notebooks and agendas. I don’t know who decides what products they’ll sell but I just want to say kudos to them because I can’t go into the stationery aisle without opening at least one notebook.

    My planner is my best friend and my Staedtler pens are its assistants. My Tombow dual brush pens also get daily use. My stationery is limited but I love all of it :)

12. I can’t handle horror movies

    Trailers, maybe I’ll watch them. A lot of them look really fascinating. But there’s no way I’d watch one of those movies. I like sleeping soundly, thanks.


13. Jellyfish and spiders scare me

    Spiders have been a worsening fear of mine for a long time. I remember a few years ago when we visited Lithuania we stayed in this interesting hotel surrounded by pine woods. It was super cute, white floors, white walls, modern structures, totally artsy. But the spiders. Oh goodness, the spiders. Dark, palm-sized spiders that scuttled out from under your bags when you lifted them and disappeared into holes in the wooden floors. It was a truly terrifying stay for me.

    Jellyfish are a new fear. When we visited Panama City Beach a few years ago, I spotted one for the first time. My family didn’t believe me at first but then they saw it too and eventually we just kept seeing more and more. I feel like it’s the not knowing that scares me. Could they hurt me? I don’t know. Is there one near me? Maybe, they’re practically transparent! Plus, their tendrils are feet long and can you imagine swimming into that and getting tangled? *shudders*

14. I am team iPhone

    My very first phone, back in de olde days, was a Samsung Galaxy S2. Ah yes, I remember very clearly when that was one of the “it” phones, at the top of the charts of all of the tech blogs. It was exciting, definitely, as all first phones (and all new phones for that matter) are. But it didn’t last long. The battery continuously had issues, and every fix we tried only worked for a short while. Eventually it kind of went crazy and weird lines of code started appearing on it and it wouldn’t turn on. I carefully weighed my options for my next phone, and at the last minute opted for an iPhone. I got a blue iPhone 5c and it is the phone I have used for almost 4 years, up until this Friday, actually.

    It has been a tough little trooper, and has been with me through thick and thin. Its screen once got shattered on the floor of The Venetian (darn those fake cobblestone floors) and I replaced it with my own bare hands and a $20 repair kit. We’ve been through a lot. It has only recently started freezing and lagging, but other than that it has worked beautifully.

    I also just love iPhone because of its simplicity. What is a con to some is a big pro to me. I don’t need a ton of customization. Plus, iMessage is practically a non-negotiable for me, and I use a MacBook, so it pairs very well.


15. This is one of my favorite quotes

"That you are here - that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse."
- Walt Whitman

So there you have it! I hope that now you know me a little better, and I want to get to know YOU!! 

What's one thing I should know about you? And if you have a similar post on your blog, please link to it! :)

Love you all,