Loving Lately 7.23.17

In my effort to become a serious, official blogger, I thought to myself, "Hm, what do fancy bloggers do?". The answer came to me suddenly. "Fancy bloggers do series". So without further ado, please enjoy my latest series, "Loving Lately"! :)

Lemon water // This has been a wonderful little simple ritual to get my day started on a quiet and healthy note. I posted on Instagram a while ago with a caption that explained this a little more, so if you're interested in the health benefits you can click on the picture :)

Driving // ;) I got my license exactly two weeks ago and started driving really only a few days ago, and I am over the moon. Anyone who has been a teenager will understand the incredible feeling of independence. Honestly the littlest things are the most exciting. Like being able to take my time stretching after a workout at the gym. Or not having to worry about whether or not my Spanish lesson is actually over so that I can let my parents know. Or being able to control the radio volume (which sometimes means turning it completely off).

Even though the car I’m driving is more than 10 years old, and not in great shape, I had spent hours deep-cleaning the interior of the car before I could even drive it. Trust me, what I found in there was the kind of disgusting fossilized foodstuffs, piles of crumbs, and layers of dust that you never want to encounter in your life. I worked with the precision of an obsessive car collector, toting around my vacuum cleaner and toothbrush back and forth, back and forth; sprinkling baking soda and spraying vinegar to make magic fizzing action bring forth the dirt particles; furiously scrubbing the stains off of every surface. Not to toot my own horn (wink wink) but that car has to be worth more now than it was the day we bought it.

Reading // If you follow me on my Instagram you may have seen this picture that I posted yesterday and the hella long caption that went with it… oops. Again, you can click on the pictureto check it out ;) I'm currently working on The Body Book by Charlize Theron and it's okay so far. But can we talk about the cover of Big Magic? They say don't judge a book by its cover... but if it has a gorgeous, color powder cover and has a title like "Big Magic", feel free.

This quote from Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser // “The medical literature on the causes of food poisoning is full of euphemisms and dry scientific terms: coliform levels, aerobic plate counts, sorbitol, MacConkey agar, and so on. Behind them lies a simple explanation for why eating a hamburger can now make you seriously ill: There is shit in the meat.”

Zen Habits meditations // This guy’s website is the bomb… but like a really calm, zen bomb. A while ago I signed up for his 44 training program, which is 11 different meditation practices that you do for 4 days each. I’ve been missing a lot of days, but it’s okay, because I keep going. I bring my laptop down to the floor of my room, sit down cross-legged, take a deep breath, and clear my mind for about 10 minutes or so. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious (tight chest, racing mind, shallow breaths), it’s the perfect time to bust out a meditation. And the more you practice, the better you’ll get at noticing that you’re stressed, and thus tending to those feelings.

Turbo Kick // I’ve been going to this a lot more now that school is out and now that I can drive ;) Turbo Kick is my personal FAVORITE class at my gym. If you've never heard of it, it’s sort of a combo kickboxing-dance class. There are tons of different "rounds" and each class will be one round. You do a warm-up, and then some routines. There's a "turbo" round in the middle, which is an intense 2-minute routine that you repeat 3 times. You do recovery, and then a finale. At my gym we finish off with a legs routine and an abs routine, then stretching. It’s honestly such a perfect workout. It’s challenging (or as challenging as you want it to be because it can be modified so easily), it’s always different, and there are alway so many people there, so it’s always a party!

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 5.27.42 PM.png

Chinae Alexander’s first YouTube video // I loooove this girl. I always get more excited than I should when I see that she has posted new stories on Instagram, and it took me way too long to watch her first YouTube video. Alas, I’ve only watched the first 5 minutes of it because I was crunched for time, but it was sooo refreshing. I know this is probably what people write about all YouTubers they admire, but she is like no. Other. YouTuber. Okay? You have to trust me on this. Just in the first minute, this gem: “Why not do the haul of all the stuff I bought at Sephora today? I went in for one eyeshadow and I left… Basically, um… I’m contemplating if I can still afford this home.” *cue the perfect dead serious facial expression* “So, might as well make a YouTube video out of it, right?"

Coconut oil face wash // In an effort to continue with my Slowly Green habits, I switched out my old face wash for an alternative that is 100x times simpler, much healthier, and much more natural. I consulted a few different websites but found the Coconuts and Kettlebells blog article to be the most comprehensive. After doing a little bit of research, I now wash my face with coconut oil! I know it might seem counterintuitive since a lot of people think oil=acne, and that’s only somewhat true. You see, your face really loves you and tries really really hard to please you, so when you dry out your face in an attempt to get rid of the oil, your face responds by making its own oil. So much oil. Too much oil. And that causes problems. That’s why you need to keep your face properly moisturized! My current nighttime routine consists of washing my face with coconut oil, using an apple cider vinegar toner, and then when I moisturize my body with my DIY moisturizer, I use the tiny bit left on my hands to moisturize on my face :)

Riverdale // I finished this TV show a long time ago, but it seems the universe won’t let me forget about it until season 2 comes out in October. There are just too many live Q+A’s on Facebook, cute videos on Instagram, and memes on Pinterest for me to ignore… For those of you who haven’t even seen the first season (who are you?) you can start watching because it’s on Netflix ;)

Well, that's all for today! I plan on doing these every month. If you have any ideas for things to read/see/watch/eat/try/etc. please feel free to e-mail me or dm me on Instagram! 

What have YOU been obsessed with this month?