My 10 Daily Habits for a Successful Day

Routine Prison Quote.png

Starting a blog post with a quote, how cliche is that? I hope you can forgive me, because I think it is a wonderful quote. I am a planner person through and through which means I completely agree with its stance on planning: Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes commitment. But it leaves me with freedom. The freedom to take hold of the day, rather than it taking hold of me. The freedom to fit in more of what I’m passionate about. The freedom of peace of mind.

So while this post won’t detail my whole planning routine, I did want to zoom in on my favorite part of my little planner - the daily habits tracker. This is a page that I’ve played around with all summer, adjusting and readjusting. I’ve whittled the list down to the habits that are manageable and add value to my life.

First off, here’s the layout that I use for my habit tracker. The layout is pretty much the same each month, but the design changes, and the October one is my favorite yet!! Just look at those perfect, Halloween-y oranges and greens. Those spooky serif letters. The neatness 😍 Makes a planner addict swoon!

The layout that I use is pretty much your cookie cutter dot grid tracker. Literally just Google “habit tracker” and you’ll pages of this. It’s so common because it works! It’s easy, quick, and hard to mess up. However, you can really get as creative as you want. Some people do squares, some do dots. Some use rainbow colors, some opt for monochrome. Some use grids, some use circular charts. Some people draw freaking gumball machines!! Whatever floateth thy boat.

So now lemme tell you a little bit about why I chose to include these 10 habits and not any others.

1. Morning Routine

My stack o' planners: blog, school, and life.

My stack o' planners: blog, school, and life.

Y’all know how much I love my routines. When I’m waking up early for school after a late night of homework, extracurriculars, and blogging, it is what grounds me. I look through my planner, stretch, read the news. It gives me a chance to wake up my mind and think about the day in peace and quiet (perks of being the first in the house to wake up!).

2. Oil pulling

Swishing coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes is not something I would have considered doing a year ago, but boy do things (and people) change. I love knowing that I’m doing something great for my oral health that is totally natural and safe. Plus, my mom commented that my teeth looked whiter (and she didn’t even know I was oil pulling!). I do this every other day (hence the ½ written next to "oil pulling") during my morning routine.

3. Meditation

Meditation is something I want to get good at because I’ve noticed how relaxed it makes me feel, and how that mindfulness translates to the rest of my day. Plus, the more I do it, the better I get at it, the greater the effects. I’ve been using Insight Timer recently which is super awesome because there are sooo many guided meditations to choose from! I have no time limits for this habit, as 3 minutes of meditation is better than zero!

4. E-mail to zero

Ah, e-mail. You know, I actually kind of like checking e-mail. It’s probably because I’m 16 and don’t yet get a barrage of e-mails, but it’s so satisfying to neatly file everything away where it’s supposed to be. Plus, I feel really in the loop, productive, and on top of everything that’s going on in my life. Ending each day with a "0" in my inbox is a goal that’s easily achievable, and makes me feel great!


5. 5 waters

Hehe, #5 is FIVE waters!

I used to have a little water tracker at the bottom of each daily column in my planner, but I am really terrible at remembering to do that. If I'm at the water fountain at school, I sure as heck don't have a planner and pen out, and by the time I'm in my class I'll surely have forgotten. Since I find it easy to keep a mental tally,  I figured I’d just get rid of it altogether, and simply check at the end of the day if I made my goal or not. Easy peasy.

6. Hair washing

This is… an “anti-habit”? Whatever you call something that you want to be doing less often, but not never. Can you please let me know if there is a word for that? Well, anyways, I’ve been doing oil training, which requires me to avoid washing my hair for as long as possible. I’ve gotten to a nice sweet spot of one week, and I use my habit tracker to remember when I last washed my hair. Usually I wash on Sundays, but sometimes going to the pool or such messes that up and I want to know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7. ACT study

Ahhhhhh. I’ll try to quickly go over this because test prep is not something people generally like to talk about a lot, haha. I’m a junior in high school this year, I bought a prep book in the summer, and I’ve been regularly working on it. Although not is has expanded to general standardized test prep because I’ve included PSAT and SAT.

8. Bedtime routine

If there’s one thing I love more than my morning routine… it’s my bedtime routine! The morning routine is refreshing and enlivening, the bedtime routine is quiet and somniferous (I just learned that word hehe, fancy, huh?). It’s a ritual: checking over my planner, journaling, doing a quick cycle journal entry, listening to totally blissful music, and stretching. All done in the soft glow of my fairy lights, with the windows open for a slight cool breeze. Then I curl up into bed, resting my head on my lavender-scented pillow. Can you tell I want to go to bed? I’m writing this at 12:13AM, lol.

9. Vitamins

I’ve been taking vitamin D supplements lately and this helps me remember!


10. Read for 20 minutes

This is a habit I just added. I’m not sure if it will be a daily habit, perhaps a weekend habit? But 20 minutes seems reasonable, and I really just want to make a habit out of absorbing knowledge. I have all of these library books that I want to dig into, but I can never seem to find the right time to do that, ya know? I just got an e-mail that the copy of Believe, Ask, Act by MaryAnn Dimarco that I placed on hold from the digital library is now available, so I'm excited to get to reading that! Has anyone read it?

So, that's all for today! I actually had written a super duper long post that also included my weekly habits, and then realized it was a little excessive, haha! I didn't want to dump that all on you all at once, so next week I'll be back with part 2 - my weekly and monthly habits! Those are sort of the "administrative" things things that keep my life organized, and I'm super excited to share them with you!

Bookmark or pin this post for ideas for your next Sunday planning session! That's what I'll be doing today :)

Tell me, what are some habits YOU do every day?

Happiest of Sundays! x